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Remodel Fever

We did it! We made it through the worst of winter. The weather is starting to warm up, and with rising temperatures come homeowners’ plans to remodel. We have all heard of Spring Fever, but what about Remodel Fever? Springtime is a popular time to start those ambitious remodeling projects, which makes sense since everyone has been couped up all winter long watching HGTV and building up a plethora of ideas. Whether it be a new deck or patio complete with an outdoor kitchen, updating those 1970s-style bathrooms, or creating a more inviting kitchen, your customers will be anxious to get moving on those major projects!

Spring starts the remodeling season off with a bang, and summer continues to be a busy time of year for these undertakings, with your customers hoping to have everything wrapped up by early fall. No one wants to have work done in their homes with doors opening and closing all day when it is cold outside.

The Great Outdoors

Let us start with the great outdoors. Once your customers get their new decking placed and that brand new grill installed to complete their perfect outdoor space, they will more than likely need a complete outdoor kitchen, which is a big trend in remodeling projects. According to a study performed by the National Kitchen and Bath Association in 2021, 60% of homeowners were adding outdoor kitchens to their remodeling list. The average Return on Investment (ROI) on outdoor kitchens is staggering and could entice even more customers to want to tackle this project. The average ROI on these outdoor kitchens can vary, with projects in warmer climates pulling in the highest percentage. These projects produce an ROI of 100-200 percent, the highest of any remodeling project, but could be as low as 55%, depending on climate and the real estate market near your customer. That possible ROI is a significant number, and you can surely assist your customers with the plumbing aspects, from the faucets down to the piping.

Multiple types of faucets are popular for outdoor kitchens, whether a wall-mounted faucet or the single faucet with pull-down sprayers and a single lever or a more classic faucet, it is hard to go wrong. It all depends on what your customers are specifically looking for. Sometimes the sink area is very compact in these outdoor kitchens so the space can help guide you to make suitable suggestions to your customers. The best option for outdoor faucets would be a stainless finish or a matte black finish with anti-corrosion coatings. After all, these fixtures need to be able to withstand whatever mother nature wants to throw in its direction, and perhaps even worse, they will need to stand up to the wear and tear from those maybe not so gentle outdoor cooks.

Bathroom Remodels Dripping With Personality

The bathroom remodel presents a blank slate and an ideal space to add small touches to make a significant difference. Bathroom faucets are an excellent way to add personality to your space. In the bathroom, you have bath and shower accessories, including the sink faucets. Your customer can decide if they would like to mix and match these fixtures or have the same look throughout. Too many options can easily overwhelm your customers, but you can help guide them. Bathroom remodels have an average ROI of sixty to seventy percent. The vanity and countertop areas are key players in how much return your customer will see, as they are the first things people focus on when walking into a bathroom, along with the flooring.

Updating your customers’ fixtures will help strengthen their ROI significantly with your guidance. There are several types of faucets and many types of finishes for your customer to choose from! Shower and tub fittings have so many variations, not just from a finishes standpoint but also from a water pattern standpoint. Showerheads with different options for different water pressure and patterns are an excellent option for a bath remodel due to their flexibility and broad appeal. A critical feature that you should look for in these fittings is water savings without sacrificing water pressure. This will help your customer while they are living at the house as it will save on their water bills, and it will help your customer when or if they decide to sell.

The Big Show

Now for the big show, the kitchen remodel. Many customers eagerly await the day that they can create their dream kitchen, the heart of the home. In the process of creating their ideal cooking environment (or the perfect place to order takeout from, we are not judging), they can also get quite the bang for their buck. The average ROI on kitchen remodels nears 80%! However, customers can achieve a remodeled look by going a simpler route by replacing hardware, updating paint, and replacing that old kitchen faucet that looks like it has been there since 1985. Small things like this can substantially change your customers’ appreciation and enjoyment of the space and even up the resale value of a home. Guiding your customer through what is popular and what they will enjoy but will also appeal to buyers when the time comes to sell will be a tremendous help as clients can easily get overwhelmed with decisions during a remodel.

There are so many innovative ideas to bring into the kitchen from a plumbing fixture standpoint. The conveniences that have been developed for your customers’ kitchens are nearly endless. From under-counter soap dispensers to help make handwashing those thermal mugs much easier, to faucets that will filter drinking water for your customer right out of the tap. You can also help your customers go completely water bottle free with Reverse Osmosis pH-balanced water straight from the tap, as well! For the coffee or tea drinker, you could suggest an instant hot water dispenser to allow your customers to get their fix faster. You could also suggest that your customer improve the water quality throughout their whole home with a whole home water filtration system that will extend the life of their shiny new fixtures and go as far as to ensure the longevity of their pipes – talk about ROI!

Finally, there is the centerpiece of their kitchen, the kitchen faucet. Everyone loves a good sink and faucet combo. The kitchen often becomes a gathering place in the home, and the appearance is especially important, and your customers have so many options from styles to colors and finishes. Depending on your customers’ personal style, they could pick a more industrial style with a spring-style pull-down sprayer faucet, the single lever look with included sprayer, the single lever option with a separate sprayer, or the more classic double handle faucet. There are high-arch faucets, straight angle faucets, and smaller arch faucets. The options are endless, and you can help guide your customers based on the look they are trying to achieve and if they are remodeling with ROI in mind or if they just want what is perfect for them, and, of course, their budget!

Remodeling is exciting, but also an extremely stressful time for your customer. They might not initially understand the amount of stress that living in a construction site can cause. With major projects, comes major stress. You can help to ease their mind with straightforward quotes regarding both cost and time. Understandably timelines can change but clear communication about any changes will help to ease their minds. Be patient with your customer as they may go weeks (maybe months) without an operable bathroom or kitchen.

At first, your customer may be okay with this (hello – eating out every day and no dishes!), but constantly having all these contractors in your house and not having a homecooked meal will eventually stress your customers out, and that is okay. Instead, sit down and have a talk with them regarding timelines and any important dates for them. Make sure that they understand timelines and show them products as they come in before installing them, if possible, so they feel they have control over what is happening and can approve products they paid for. All these things are telltale signs of not only a great contractor, but of a contractor that your customers will trust and want to work with again. Keeping a customer informed goes a long way and odds are you will retain them after establishing such a positive relationship.

Written by Catherine Lauer – Marketing Communications Specialist, Supply Smart

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