60 ft. Type L Soft Copper Tubing – 1/2 in. ID

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Corrosion-resistant for use in HVAC, plumbing and refrigeration applications.

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Type L soft copper tubing is the preferred material for use in refrigeration, plumbing, and HVAC applications. It is corrosion-resistant, cleaned from the inside and sealed to stop the growth of bacteria. Soft copper tubing can be installed using sweat/soldering, compression fittings, and flare fittings. Some common applications include: domestic water service and distribution, air conditioning and refrigeration, medical gas and vacuum, irrigation and agricultural sprinkler systems, natural gas and LP gas distribution.

Technical Specifications

  • Use: Used in plumbing, refrigeration, and HVAC applications
  • Features: Cleaned and sealed from the inside. Stops the growth of bacteria
  • Installation: For installation with solder, compression fittings, and flare fittings
  • Length: 60 ft.
  • Size: 1/2 in. ID
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