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Makita Tools – Now Available from Supply Smart!

Supply Smart has been looking at bringing in a line of power tools for quite some time now, and we wanted to ensure that the tools we brought in were the right equipment for our customers. In addition, we looked for the product line with the best features to accommodate the many challenging situations that Plumbing and HVAC Technicians often find themselves in.

After conducting research and doing our due diligence, we happily settled on carrying a line of Makita power tools. We want to let you know the reasoning behind our decision.

Makita, as a company, innovates its products based on job site needs. Contractors see the market need, and Makita will solve that problem, making things easier for those out in the field. This approach has led to the development of much of the technology Makita utilizes today. From developing Anti-Vibration Technology (AVT) on their tools that tend to be hard on the operator (everything from compact multi-tools up to rotary hammers) to long-lasting batteries for those jobs where cords won’t cut it. We understand that running cordage to your job site is not always an easy task, and let’s face it, we can all end up in some pretty strange places in these trades where it is not always possible.

However, you will still need a powerful tool to get the job done in these situations. Makita developed the world’s first 18V lithium-ion battery, equipped with their Star Protection feature. These powerful batteries provide vital power to your tool while simultaneously protecting both the power tool itself and the battery by preventing overload, over-discharge, and overheating. These features help safely deliver optimum power, extending the life of both your power tool and battery, protecting your investment. In addition, these batteries work in the harsh conditions that contractors regularly encounter, working in extreme temperatures, all the way down to -4°. They also provide a rapid battery charger that actively cools the battery as it is charging, elongating the life of the battery. The rapid-charging capability helps get you back on the job faster while actively controlling the voltage applied to the battery to ensure it’s always optimally charged and ready for your next job.

Makita is constantly working to ensure that your tools will resist the elements regularly encountered in the trades, innovating to ensure your tools will not seize up if they get wet or covered in dust. We were looking at this critical feature when discussing tools that would truly benefit our customers.

Another important feature that impressed us with Makita tools is the use of brushless motors. Makita developed the world’s first brushless motor to extend the product lifespan. These brushless motors allow for greater efficiency and cooler temperatures, leading to less wear on your tools. These tools are an essential part of your business, and you need to ensure that they are reliable and worthy investments.

We hope you see the value in why we chose the Makita line. In the end, we believe that Makita produces a reliable tool for the trades with the ability to provide the power of a corded tool with the freedom of mobility and resistance to the elements. We are certain that Makita will prove to be one of the smartest investments for your business.

Written by Catherine Lauer – Marketing Coordinator, Supply Smart

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