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Drain Cleaning Services – Preventing Disaster

Drain Cleaning - Preventing Distasters

Like most plumbing issues, clogged drains like to sneak up at the most inconvenient time. Super Bowl party coming up? Drain clogged. Thanksgiving Dinner? Drain clogged. Mother-in-law coming to visit? You guessed it – drain clogged. These issues can be avoided with some easy scheduled maintenance, so your customers remain clog-free and happy.

Depending on the size of the household and usage, an annual drain service is recommended.  Heavier usage would benefit from additional drain cleaning services. It is important to let your customers know the many different benefits of scheduling a quick service call, which doesn’t have to center around the inconvenience of a slow or backed-up drain. This simple service can help to extend the life of a drain and its connecting pipes and even improve your customers’ quality of life by preventing inconvenient clogs.

DIY’ing to a Possible Plumbing Disaster

Clogged drains can do much damage if not addressed quickly. Many consumers are led to believe that they can fix a clogged drain on their own with over-the-counter chemicals, which is true to an extent. These products can clear some drains by dissolving the clog, however, they are not always effective for whatever is causing the blockage in their drain. These chemicals, since they are made to dissolve clogs made of all different materials in a drain, can also do damage to a homeowner’s pipes. They are strong enough to dissolve pipes made from a multitude of materials, ranging from PVC to iron. So, while these products can potentially offer consumers a “quick fix,” they are doing more damage and causing your customers more money in the long run.

Small Drain, Big Problems

Many customers will not take note of any issues until there is a problem with the drain, most likely noticing the draining process slowing. This occurs mainly due to the build-up of particles over time (but let’s not discount children – and adults – “accidentally dropping” something down the drain). These blockages can lead to shortened drain life span and even cause the unit and its connected pipes to crack, causing a much larger headache and bill for your customer. Flooding, pipe replacement, as well as the headache and additional problems that come with flooding, are some of the big issues that can stem from clogged drains. This can all be avoided with some regular, quick maintenance.

Another problem with the accumulating particles is that, even if they are not heavy enough or large enough to cause slower drainage, they can collect moisture which allows for the growth of mold.  While this will not impact their plumbing necessarily, this will greatly affect your customers’ quality of life. This can lead to a variety of symptoms, ranging from some mild cold-like symptoms and headaches and even be as drastic as causing difficulty breathing. The mold can also emit a displeasing odor, which is another telltale sign that there is a drainage issue for your customer. These problems can be taken care of with a quick service call and keeping those drains maintained!

The Service Call

Jump ahead of the game and recommend a chemical-free drain cleaning service to your customers. Utilizing products like the Super Vee Drain Cleaning Machine or Mini -Rooter Pro Drain Cleaning Machine allows you to quickly clear any debris lodged in drainage pipes, preventing a host of problems before they can become an issue. Both are great products to always have in the truck so you can cross-sell or upsell the service.


There are also some quick suggestions that you can offer up to your customers to make sure that a single annual drain cleaning service is enough for the property.  Something as simple as a Hair Snare can help greatly in bathtubs and showers; while ensuring your customers’ kitchen sinks are properly outfitted with Sink Strainers can help in the kitchen. These quick fixes should help to better protect the main drain offenders in households. Also recommend that your customers clean their drains if not weekly, regularly, to remove any debris while rinsing with hot water. Even with these products in place, you can expect that small debris will still get through leading to the need for annual drain service calls.

Ultimately, you can help your customers save themselves from dissolving pipes and holiday snafus with a quick service call, mailer, or email reminder, and possibly earn a customer for life!

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